About Stanley Primary School

Stanley is staffed by an experienced, professional and caring team who focus on providing the best education we can for each and every child in the school. We share responsibility for the learning of students with parents and strive to work closely with families to ensure students learn as much they can – and also enjoy the experience.
Most importantly – we love the job. We think you can tell that when you visit the school.

As a school we promote the values of the Department of Education – Aspiration, Respect, Courage and Growth.


At Stanley we teach children.
We teach children at their level and make every effort to ensure they advance at an individually appropriate rate. Some need extra support, some need extra challenge. We do our best to provide a secure, nurturing yet challenging environment dedicated to allowing students to achieve their potential – whatever that might be. Our highly composite class groupings allow us to do this in an inclusive and natural manner. We aim to develop a strong foundation in “the 3Rs” and use this to foster the growth of 21 st Century Skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and cross-cultural understanding. To assist us in this regard we provide access to regularly updated ICT equipment which we use to support our educational program.

Our curriculum is firmly based on the Australian Curriculum. Our instructional techniques are constantly evolving to reflect current best practice in a small school setting. Our teachers are guided by the Department’s suite of “Good Teaching” guides while the management and operation of the school reflect the ethos and expectations of the “Respectful Schools Respectful Behaviour” document.

Circular Head Cluster

At Stanley our teachers are learners.
Our staff have ongoing engagement with Professional Learning Teams. We work regularly with teachers in other schools in the region – known as the Circular Head Cluster. Together we explore educational issues and find ways to constantly improve what we do and how we do it.

There are other benefits too. Our students get to participate in a range of “cluster” events well beyond the boundaries of our small school. Sport, maths relays, writing camps, leadership events and a comprehensive high school transition program are just some of the ways our students mix with other students in the region.


At Stanley we value our local community.
Communities are about people. We help our students understand that they benefit from being a part of our community…and that they also help to create and maintain it.

Our small size allows us to keep bureaucracy to a minimum – which allows us to concentrate on the really important things…like out students and their families.

Together with families and our local community in general we strive to provide an education that students can enjoy, that caters for their needs, that aims to provide them with the tools they need to be successful in their future years.

Let’s start building our future.