Stanley Primary School - A vibrant and engaging
place of learning.


Good things come in small packages.

We use our small size to our advantage. Our highly composite classes and excellent staff to student ratio allow us to differentiate instruction to cater for the developmental need of all our students. At Stanley, your child really is an individual.


Good community. Good School.

We are a community school. Our students participate in a range of community based events and learning experiences that extend their learning beyond the school walls. At Stanley, your child really is a member of the community.


Good teaching. Every child. Every day.

We offer a blend of traditional approaches and digital technologies to provide a balanced education based on the Australian Curriculum. Our teachers engage in ongoing professional learning to ensure we deliver the highest quality program that we can. At Stanley, your child really is a learner.

Stanley Primary. Good teaching – every child, every day.

Why you will love to study at Stanley Primary School


Community connections

We are a community school and participate in a range of community events. This involvement broadens the range of educational experiences in which our children participate. These experiences range from being an endorsed “Wilds’cool” caring for our local penguin rookery, to participating in community events and involvement in formal community functions such as ANZAC and Remembrance day. The school is also closely connected to other schools in the Circular Head Cluster which provides another layer of involvement in sporting, cultural and educational opportunities. We are a small school that can respond to the needs of the individual – but also participate in much bigger events by combining with other local schools and the broader community. It’s the best of both worlds.


Composite classes

At Stanley we believe that students are individuals with their own learning needs. We also believe that children are social by nature. Our highly composite classes allow students to work closely with staff and to learn alongside others at a personally relevant level. We support and extend our students and expect them to fully engage with the opportunities provided to them.


A healthy mind…and a healthy body

At Stanley we value having a healthy mind and a healthy body. We promote physical health by promoting being active. Our students participate in a range of activities such as swimming, athletics, cross country running, and the Circular Head “Winter Sports” programme (offering a choice of a range of sports). We also have visits from coaches from a variety of sports including tennis, golf, AFL and basketball. Our emphasis is to provide opportunities to be involved in a range of active experiences so that students can discover which ways they prefer to be active. For those who want to participate at a higher standard the school participates in all Circular Head Cluster sporting events.

Welcome to our Community


Stanley Primary – an evolving tradition

Stanley Primary values our heritage – there has been a state operated school operating in the town since 1854. Generations of families have been educated at the school. However, as much as we treasure our past, we prepare our students for their future. We provide a blend of “traditional” learning experiences and access to today’s technology. Our students use books, paint, pencils and paper but also digital devices and technologies. Our grounds are not only safe and attractively presented but designed to encourage students to play and interact across the entire age range of our school. Younger students routinely play with older ones. At Stanley we see education as continual – a daily participation in a process of learning and growth.


Stanley Primary – our staff make the difference

Our small school makes deliberate and focussed use of composite classrooms. This allows us to match instructional experiences with the current capacities of our students. To ensure that this happens our classrooms have not only multiple grade levels but they have multiple teachers. Our senior class contains students from grade 3 – 6. It also has two full time teachers. It’s the same arrangement in our junior class where multiple staff is the norm.
This allows us to be flexible in how we present experiences to our students. It allows us to support or extend a child depending on their learning needs. It allows students to work with others at their same level. It allows us to teach…the Stanley Primary way.

Let’s start building your future with us.